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Volume 2, No. 1

  Brave New Footnote:  What SFAS No. 107 Disclosures Mean To Analysts:  Historical cost accounting doesn’t always present the most realistic balance sheets—especially where assets and liabilities are largely composed of “promises to pay” which have a market value that reflects current interest rates.  SFAS No. 107 will provide disclosures in 1992 annual reports that…

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Volume 1, No. 4

  What’s The Difference? Mexican Accounting Versus U.S. Accounting:  This report clarifies the differences between Mexican and U.S. financial statements, and helps analysts interpret the meaning of items shown in Mexican statements that have no counterpart in U.S. financials. Particular attention is given to inflation accounting – with examples extracted from the statements of Telefonos…

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Volume 1, No. 2

  Eavesdropping On Corporate Planning Meetings: How To Pry Current Year Earnings Estimates Out Of Effective Income Tax Rates The combination of an accounting principle, the tax non-deductibility of goodwill amortization, and a little simple algebra yields a powerful analytical tool for investment professionals. Here’s how it works-and how to use it to your advantage….

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Volume 1, No. 1

  When Lifo Lies:  Even the most credible accounting techniques can sometimes yield undesirable results. Here’s how one trusted inventory method can distort current reported earnings–and upset analysts’ earnings estimates.

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