Upcoming NYU Ross Roundtable: Recent Trends in Non-GAAP Reporting

Next Monday, November 7, I’ll be taking part in the above-named Ross Roundtable at New York University. If you’re in the area and you have an interest in the subject - and these days, nearly everyone does - I hope you check it out. The Ross Roundtables always have some terrific speakers taking part in them, and this one is not going to be an exception. See how many names you can recognize from the list of confirmed presenters below:

  • Jack Ciesielski, Publisher, The Analyst's Accounting Observer
  • Martin Fridson, Chief Investment Officer, Lehmann Livian Fridson Advisors
  • Monty Garrett, Senior Vice President, Accounting, Verizon
  • Robert H. Herz, Former Chairman, FASB
  • Baruch Lev, Philip Bardes Professor of Accounting and Finance, NYU Stern
  • Francine McKenna, Reporter, MarketWatch
  • Kyle Moffatt, Associate Director of Disclosure Operations, SEC
  • Adam S. Parker, PhD., Chief US Equity Strategist, Morgan Stanley
  • Beth Paul, Partner, PwC
  • Gerald I. White, President, Grace & White, Inc.

It’s an honor to be on a roundtable with such a distinguished lot. If you want to register, here’s a direct link. Hope to see you there.


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