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1994 Reports

Volume 3, No. 12


SFAS No. 119: Beacon Through The Derivatives Fog:  In 1994, probably no other topic dominated analyst and investor concerns as much as derivatives. In response to the investing public's concern for information about these financial instruments, the Financial Accounting …

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Volume 3, No. 11


Third Quarter Earnings Improver: Last Year's Taxes:  In last year's third quarter, the Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1993 became effective. The retroactive 1% increase in the corporate tax rate, combined with the requirements of a newly adopted FASB income …

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Volume 3, No. 10


A Goodwill Recap:  In little more than the last twelve months, the analytical community has seen goodwill go from being a non-deductible tax item to an occasionally deductible one, and witnessed an increased frequency in the write-offs of goodwill …

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Volume 3, No. 9


Goodwill: Maybe A Meltdown:  For years, goodwill has been clogging the balance sheets of acquisition-happy companies and reverse leveraged buyouts. A new FASB standard to be delivered later this year should force companies with lingering goodwill balances to take …

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Volume 3, No. 8


LIFO Investory: A Hidden Earnings Improver:  Many investors are familiar with the different inventory "flow" assumptions - FIFO and LIFO. Most investors are pleased when they see a company employ the LIFO flow assumption, believing that it delivers a …

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Volume 3, No. 7


When Seagram Met Time Warner...:  For over a year, much speculation has simmered regarding Seagram's intentions toward its investment in Time Warner stock. Whether or not Seagram moves to increase its holding is a matter of conjecture; how such …

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Volume 3, No. 6


A Matter Of Interpretation:  When recognizing derivative financial instruments on their balance sheets, some institutions have exercised considerable latitude in the past: by netting assets resulting from gain positions against liabilities associated with loss positions and reporting a single …

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Volume 3, No. 5

Divining Derivatives Disclosures II: No Numbers Behind The Noise:  In a previous report, the derivatives disclosures of numerous financial institutions were examined in order to estimate the risks assumed by them. On balance, there was plenty of room for …

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Volume 3, No. 4


Diving Derivatives Disclosures: Numbers Behind The Noise:  Derivatives seem to be the only topic of financial conversation these days. However, few conversations focus on the fact that the level of disclosures in 1993 annual reports has substantially improved - …

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Volume 3, No. 3


Why SFAS No. 106 Is Not A Dead Issue:  Most analysts and investors have stopped focusing on SFAS No. 106 because it never had much of a market impact. That expectation made this standard perhaps the most widely anticipated …

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