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2001 Reports

Volume 10, No. 13


Accounting 101 For Property, Plant & Equipment:  Though it may seem elementary, there has never been any comprehensive guidance published by an accounting standard-setter regarding the kinds of costs that should be classified as property, plant and equipment. That …

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Volume 10, No. 12


When Good Assets Go Bad: Writedown Rules Revisited:  The general economy, wobbly at best before the terrorist attacks of September 11, is now considered by most observers to be staggering. The malaise will call into question the values placed …

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Volume 10, No. 11

Straight ARO's: Fair Valuing The Cost Of Closing Shop:  That's ARO, as in Asset Retirement Obligation. While much media attention has been devoted to the "New Economy" and the service industries in recent years, it's almost easy to forget …

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Volume 10, No. 10


Accounting For Business Combinations: It'll Never Be The Same:  In August 1996, the FASB added to its agenda the reconsideration of accounting principles governing business combinations. All existing principles were considered fair game, including the sacred cow of pooling-of-interests …

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Volume 10, No. 7


Accounting For The Other White Meat (Equity Derivatives):  Put and call options, forward contracts, call warrants and other derivative contracts on a company's own equity are reminiscent of the old saying farmers have about hogs: "we use everything but …

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Volume 10, No. 5


Righting The Right-hand Side Of The Balance Sheet:  The FASB's long-standing project on improving reporting for financial instruments has given users much more information to examine in the last ten years: disclosures about the nature and fair value of …

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Volume 10, No. 4


Reading The 2000 Annual Reports: A User's Guide:  What a difference a year makes. This time last year, earnings were ridiculed as old-fashioned ways of measuring performance of geezer industrial companies, while "metrics mania" stoked investor appetite for unseasoned …

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