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2004 Reports

Volume 13, No. 15


Ugly OPEBs:  Surveying The S&P 500  A little more than two years ago, the financial world was a maelstrom: Enron and WorldCom were revealed to be houses of cards, and auditor Arthur Andersen evaporated along with its shifty clients.

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Volume 13, No. 14


Manna From Medicare: Third Quarter Juice?  The accounting for other postretirement benefits is rife with estimates; in their discussions of critical accounting policies, firms frequently cite other postretirement benefits obligations as an accounting estimate concern. And well they should:

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Volume 13, No. 13


Where Does It Hurt? Critical Accounting Policies In The S&P 500  For the past few years, companies have been required to address their critical accounting policies in the Management's Discussion & Analysis section of their annual SEC filings. It's

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Volume 13, No. 12


Untaxed Foreign Earnings: Endangered Profit Pump?  Analysts and investors view firms through different prisms of profitability; anyone making a significant investment is concerned with the source of the firm's earnings. Do they originate in a particular segment? Or is

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Volume 13, No. 11


Defining "Is": An Accounting Standard For Measuring Fair Value  One of the memorable legacies of the Clinton administration was the revelation that there could be so many possible meanings of the word is. If you recall, the 42nd President

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Volume 13, No. 6


End Of The Long And Winding Road: No More Free Options  A festering wound has lingered on the body of accounting literature for over half a century: the non-recognition of compensation expense for stock options granted to employees. Many

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Volume 13, No. 5


2003 Options & Pensions: An Early Survey  There are two seemingly eternal issues in financial reporting. One: how does low-brow reporting of options compensation distort performance results? Two: how does pension accounting distort performance results? These questions haunt investors

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