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Volume 16, No. 14


What Keeps The SEC Busy - 2008  The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants held its annual "Current SEC & PCAOB Developments Conference" in Washington, DC last week, featuring speakers from the SEC, the FASB and the PCAOB. It’s

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Volume 16, No. 13


Statements 627: Fair Value Accounting In The Wild  Plenty of ink has been spilled in the financial press about the coming implementation of Statement 157, "Fair Value Measurements." Most of that coverage is negative: companies have been pushing back

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Volume 16, No. 12


Curing Convertibles Accounting  About four years ago, contingently convertible bonds - or "CoCos" - were enormously popular because they hardly affected the issuer’s earnings per share calculations. Bearing slim coupons, they had the added benefit of rarely increasing the

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Volume 16, Nos. 9 & 10


S&P 500 Benefit Plans, 2006: Will Pension Panic Resurface?  A few years ago, pensions were foremost in the minds of most investors as the oft-cited "perfect storm" of low interest rates and miserable asset performance swelled the unfunded obligations

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Volume 16, No. 8


FIN 48 And The Unbearable Uncertainty Of Income Taxes  FASB Interpretation No. 48, "Accounting for Uncertainty in Income Taxes," became effective on January 1 for calendar year end companies. It was preceded by much corporate angst: though it had

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Volume 16, No. 7


The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Statement 159  Issued last February, Statement 159 gave companies immediate and unprecedented flexibility in changing the way they account for a whole slew of financial instruments - from equity method investments

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Volume 16, No. 6


Where Art Thou, O Options?  S&P 500 Stock Comp Trends  In 2006, after more than a decade of wrangling, investors were finally treated to earnings containing the cost of all employee stock compensation issued. Those figures included the value

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Volume 16, No. 5


Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind: Staff Accounting Bulletin 108  Last September, the Securities & Exchange Commission's Office of the Chief Accountant issued Staff Accounting Bulletin No. 108 to provide guidance to companies in considering the materiality of known

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Volume 16, No. 4


Fair Value Free-For-All:  Statement 159 Arrives  Last month, the FASB issued Statement 159 - "The Fair Value Option for Financial Assets and Financial Liabilities." The statement didn't draw much attention in the financial press. After all, it's not a

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