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Volume 17, No. 13


Fair Value: What Will The SEC Say?:  The full effects of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 won’t be known for years. No other piece of legislation has ever had such an impact on the relationship between business

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Volume 17, No. 12


A Pension Deficit Disorder: End Of Year Issues:  If 2008 ended today, there would be no tears shed on Wall Street to mourn its passing. (Except for the shorts who made the right calls on financial institutions.)

2008’s effects

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Volume 17, No. 11


3Q2008: 20 Questions To Ask On Conference Calls:  Financial tsunami, unprecedented volatility, history-making intervention - the financial press has already exhausted its supply of clichés, and we may be in just the early innings of the game. (There’s another one

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Volume 17, No. 10


Statement 160: Getting Your (Minority) Interests In Line:  Last month, the sweeping changes in acquisition accounting, Statement 141 (Revised), were reviewed. One aspect of the new acquisition accounting: firms will have to change the way they account for what’s

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Volume 17, No. 9


Statement 141(R) Begins - With A Big Broom:  "Sweeping" is perhaps the best word that describes the changes in acquisition accounting coming up in a few short months. Around the turn of the century, the original Statement 141, "Business

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Volume 17, No. 7


Credit Derivatives Disinfectant: First Rays Of Sunshine  Credit derivatives have certainly made life interesting in the last year. Perhaps the most common credit derivative is the credit default swap. They’re over-the-counter derivatives that are essentially a bet on the

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Volume 17, No. 6


The FASB Wades Into The Securitization Swamp  Opinions vary as to the current state of the credit crisis: we’re near the end or we’re somewhere in the middle, depending on whose data you believe. Regardless of the progress made,

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Volume 17, No. 5


Benefit Plans 2007: Close To The Edge - And Back?  Pension plans were at the forefront of investor attention a few years ago: the confluence of low interest rates and a multi-year bear market inflated unfunded obligations for defined

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Volume 17, No. 4


IFRS & GAAP:  The Urge To Converge  Like a team of heart surgeons defibrillating a patient, the SEC has kick-started the moribund convergence movement between the FASB and IASB accounting standards. The first electrical jolt, administered last summer, was

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