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2010 Reports

Volume 19, No. 4


Rock 'n Roll Revenue Recognition: How Growth Will Thrive:  Revenue recognition (“rev rec,” in accounting-speak) is ratcheting up and arriving earlier for some companies. Firms making their living by engaging in multiple-deliverable arrangements (contracts for a plethora of services

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Volume 19, No. 3


A Currency Affair: Venezuelan Vagaries:  Venezuela isn’t famous just for its oil exports and flamboyant leaders. It’s also been a self-contained producer of inflation, with consequent unpleasant effects on its populace. It’s also going to have unpleasant effects on

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Volume 19, Nos. 1 & 2


Accounting Issues: 2009 Reviewed, 2010 Previewed:  If you want to know where funky financial reporting exists in America, consider paying a visit to the agenda of the Financial Accounting Standards Board. The charge of that particular standard setter is

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