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2014 Reports

Volume 23, No. 5

S&P 500 Pension Plans:  How Solid Is The Pension Promise?:  To sum up defined benefit pension plans in one sentence: they’re complex, with plenty of information to evaluate, and they bear implications for earnings and cash flow that don’t always

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Volume 23, No. 4

2013 Untaxed Foreign Earnings In The S&P 500:  Costless stock option compensation. Invisible derivatives assets and obligations. Lending to subprime borrowers, because real estate values never go down; besides, loans can always be packaged and securitized. The irrelevance of earnings

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Volume 23, No. 3

Time To Gear Up For The 2013 10-Ks:  In a matter of days, investors will find themselves buried under an avalanche of 10-K filings. (Investors on the East Coast are already familiar with the feeling – from snow, not filings.)

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Volume 23, Nos. 1 & 2

Accounting Issues:  Rewinding 2013, Previewing 2014:  Financial reporting evolves continually, as investment bankers tease the DNA of transactions to mutate into something other than their original state. The blurring of lines between debt and equity is a case in point.

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