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2017 Reports

Volume 26, No. 7

S&P 500: Expected Effects Of FASB’s New Revenue Recognition Standard:  Simply stated, the first batch of “Star Wars” movies were a world-wide cultural phenomenon. Fans waited eagerly for each new installment between 1977 and 1983. After the last piece of

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Volume 26, No. 6

S&P 500’s Untaxed Foreign Earnings Kept Growing Last Year: It seemed like such a done deal: a new president who had vowed to replace the tax code with something simpler, and hinted at holidays on taxation of overseas earnings that

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Volume 26, No. 5

A New Recipe For Pension & Other Postretirement Benefits Reporting:  In mid-2015, FASB added a project intended to improve the convoluted presentation of net periodic pension cost and net periodic postretirement benefit cost. In less than three years - a

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Volume 26, No. 4

Over-explained Earnings: Current Non-GAAP Earnings Trends in the S&P 500:   Investors have long concocted earnings adjustments because they want earnings from one company to be more comparable to those of another, or to make a company’s current earnings comparable to

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Volume 26, No.1

Looking Back: What Happened in Business and Accounting in 2016:  While we’re busy trying to make history, we rarely – if ever – make time to learn from it. The year just ended has been constantly lamented by the media

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