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Volume 27, No. 6

The curtain comes down on The Analyst’s Accounting Observer after a 26-year run. Consider this report as the series finale.

Rather than take on a new topic, this report will recap accounting and financial reporting issues covered in each of

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Volume 27, No. 5

The year: 1976. The Cray-1 supercomputer is released. The Apple Computer Company is formed. The Ramones release their first album. Jimmy Carter was president. And the three-year-old FASB released its thirteenth financial accounting statement, this one on lease accounting. That

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Volume 27, No. 4

The investment world has endured, even thrived, on a rapid pace of evolution, in just about every regard. The speed with which information is transmitted by companies to markets has been whittled down to nanoseconds; investor attention spans and holding

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Volume 27, No. 2

An early Christmas present to Corporate America arrived December 22, 2017 when President Trump signed the Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA)into law. That piece of legislation re-engineered large portions of the Internal Revenue Code as it relates to corporations.

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