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Volume 25, No. 6

S&P 500: Untaxed Foreign Earnings in 2015 Kept Growing:   Untaxed foreign earnings are full of paradoxes. A single untaxed dollar is worth more to net income than one-and-a-half times a dollar that’s taxed. They can be a tremendous source of

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Volume 25, No. 5

Wonder Bread: Non-GAAP Earnings Keep Rising In The S&P 500, Part II: This time, it’s a “why” recipe, not to be confused with a “rye” recipe. In our previous study, the focus was on the dollar amount of adjustments made

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Volume 25, No. 4

Wonder Bread: Non-GAAP Earnings Keep Rising in the S&P 500: And it’s a lot of dough; you’d think investors would be full by now. They’ve long made adjustments to earnings because generally accepted accounting principles give firms accounting choices leading

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Volume 25, Bulletin 2

Finally! FASB Finishes Lease Accounting Marathon, Starts Implementation “Sprint” :  Almost a decade after adding lease accounting revisions to its agenda, the FASB released the final standard on February 25, 2016. Originally intended to be a “converged” standard with the

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Volume 25, No. 2

Where FASB Has Been – And Where It’s Going in 2016:  Investors look to the FASB and its overseer, the SEC, for the establishment of accounting standards that should present outsiders with the economic reality within investee companies. The

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Volume 25, No. 1

Looking Back: What Happened in Business and Accounting in 2015:  We’re told that if we don’t learn from history, we’re condemned to repeat it. The sad truth is that we’re often so busy trying to make history – whether

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Volume 25, Bulletin 1

New FASB Standard Brings Reporting Chnages to Financial Assets and Liabilities:   Changes in classification and measurement won’t occur until fiscal years beginning after December 15, 2017. That makes March, 2018 10-Qs the first time the new classification and measurement regime

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Volume 24, No. 13

What Keeps the SEC Busy - 2016:  The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants held its annual “Current SEC & PCAOB Developments Conference” in Washington, DC last week. Speakers came from all of the major accounting agencies or standard-setters: the …

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Volume 24, No. 12

Materiality Matters:  The FASB has issued two exposure drafts for comment, and they seem aimed squarely in the interest of just one constituent of the standard setting body: the preparer community. One proposal amends a FASB Concept Statement, which is

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