Volume 16, No. 11


It's Not A Small World, After All:  The SEC Goes International  Just two short years ago, the chief accountant of the SEC laid out a "road map to convergence" for the melding of United States FASB accounting standards with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) issued by the International Accounting Standards Board. Don Nicolaisen’s road map ultimately called for the elimination of the IFRS-to-GAAP reconciliation in SEC filings by the year 2009 or sooner. "Sooner" is looking like "now:" in July, the Commission issued a proposal for the reconciliation’s current elimination. In August, the Commission issued a Concept Release to test the merits of allowing U.S. registrants to choose between FASB standards and IASB standards in preparing their financial statements - a more extensive proposal that could eventually put all accounting standards under one roof, but create surprising costs and inefficiencies along the way.

Should these two proposals become reality, the main benefit to shareholders would be an increase in investment choices on the United States exchanges: conversion to United States-style reporting, a long-standing barrier to foreign filers, would be removed. The exchanges would likely be flooded with new registrants. The question: are more choices always worth the cost? This report presents the highlights of the two proposals. It also compares 129 IFRS-to-GAAP reconciliations by foreign registrants to see if the two reporting systems currently produce similar results. The short answer: there are still plenty of major differences between them.

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