Volume 26, No.1

Looking Back: What Happened in Business and Accounting in 2016:  While we’re busy trying to make history, we rarely – if ever – make time to learn from it. The year just ended has been constantly lamented by the media as one of the worst years EVER, depending on one’s political point of view or one’s capacity to love celebrities. That’s about as much reflection on recent history as we see in the media.

What we present here is a bit more objective: we’ve simply collected business headlines throughout 2016 from the main news sources and strung them all together. Looking back on it, 2016 doesn’t seem much different than most other years. Read the following and see if you don’t agree: In business, 2016 had its share of scoundrels, records, and regulatory activity. On the whole, it seemed like a lot of other years in business.

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