Volume 6, No. 4


Heads Up!  Accounting Matters For Analysts In 1996. Annual Reports Part I:  It's almost spring, and as the winter snow melts and causes floods in many parts of the country, a different sort of flood washes over the desks of investors and analysts - a flood of just-issued annual reports. Analysts will be coping with the deluge over the next few months, as they absorb the newly available details about what happened in 1996 for their coverage companies. Some accounting issues have made impressions on the consciousness of investors and analysts in the past year. Compared to the disclosures of quarterly financials and SEC filings, the disclosures of annual reports are quite abundant - and analysts should try to get the most they can from them. Here's a guide to some current accounting issues and what analysts should note in the 1996 annual reports to get a better grip on those issues.

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